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Most bloggers are out to find ways on how to increase blog traffic. There are several ways to get more blog traffic, both paid and free blog traffic.

Here are some ways to get more blog traffic, which are actually free blog traffic:

The Other Web Browser* Have a prominent place in your blog for readers to easily sign up for your RSS feed.

* Make friends with blogs in your niche and leave quality comments on blogs related to your niche. By checking on, you can be notified each time a post is published by a popular blog in your niche. You can then be among the first to make a comment.

* Join and choose communities with which you can join to make friends. 

* Sign up your blog at and ping it once you update.

* Submit your blog to as many rss and blog directories that you chance upon, like starting off with

* Sign up with You can stumble your own post and ask friends to do so.

* Make a good review or a post of the top bloggers in your niche, and link them. Chances are, they will link you back.

* Sign up with Fill in your blog post’s exact url, the title, general summary text, and your tags. Submit this to as many social sites as you can.

* When posting in forums where you are a member, always add your blog url to your forum signature to attract visitors. It is good to have quality posts.

* Join and add a link to your blog.

One technique to get more blog traffic is by forecasting. Think about the searches that people will make in the search engines in the future, say a lead time of one or two weeks. Make an optimized post a week before an activity happens, say a hot boxing fight, using keywords that you think people will most likely use in their searches. By the time the activity happens, your blog is already indexed and ready for the search engines, while those who have just posted will need to wait 2 to 3 days before their blogs are indexed. The search engines will direct readers to your blog.

Another technique to increase blog traffic is to make the most use out of Technorati tags. Tag every keyword in your posts. If you are using WordPress, use its plugin called SimpleTags instead of tagging your keywords manually. By effectively tagging your post, your blog will get more attention compared to untagged posts, a great way to get free blog traffic.

Use trackback links to popular sites effectively. Make sure that you set up appropriate trackback when you make comments. This enables you to interact with the popular blogsites, and creates free blog traffic.

By using the simple hints and techniques above, you will get more blog traffic. Your hits could increase from a few hundred a day to thousands per month. With this free blog traffic, very soon, your blog will come out of the Google sandbox and you will receive serious traffic, and even loyal readerships.

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